Ibdaa' provides expert services for Private Clients looking to start a collection or build on an existing one. We identify and source acquisition opportunities globally and have access to works of art not generally available on the open market, from private collections and corporations to museums and institutions.



Ibdaa' offers corporations, from Banks and Hedge Funds to Real Estate and Investment firms, advice on starting and maintaining a Corporate Collection.


We are committed to offering fair and market competitive prices for your artwork. Use the contact us page to get in touch with a member of our team


A major part of our business lies in the handling of privately owned works offered for sale on a consignment basis. We act with privacy and exclusivity on the dispersal of collections and items for both Private Clients and Corporations looking to sell whole collections or individual works.


We offer many ancillary services in addition to buying and selling. These include:

Curatorial Services:

•   Research

•   Advice on conservation and framing

•   Inventory and Appraisal

•   Advice on loans to exhibitions

•   Shipping, security and insurance advice

Auction Assistance:

•   Viewing of Auction lots

•   Liaising with Auction specialists to ascertain interest

•   Production of reports on condition

•   Independent advice on condition

•   Auction Representation

•   Post-purchase assistance with conservation, framing and shipping


Every restoration is preceded by giving the client a clear understanding of the work required, the duration of the project and the overall cost. We will advise the client on the relationship between added value and (additional) cost. Once agreed, a departure from the original proposal is only made in close cooperation with the client. If asked for, the exact procedure followed during restoration will be explained to the client and if possible, demonstrated.

Clients can also request a report on the actual restoration process, including photographs and an objective evaluation of the condition of the artwork being restored.

Upon your request we insure your paintings during the restoration period.

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